Our history

“São Luiz S/A” Usin is located in the municipality of Ourinhos, in the interior of São Paulo. Founded in 1951 by Mr. Orlando Quagliato, it had the support and dedication of his wife, Dona Rosa Angelieri Quagliato. It is currently managed by the second and third generation that constitute the Statutory and Executive Board. The company is proud to be one of the most traditional organizations in the region, generating around 2,300 direct jobs, bringing benefits to the community. In the first harvest, 1951, production was 802 tons of sugar. In the 20/21 harvest, production was 240,000 tons of sugar, 71,000 m3 of ethanol and 1,700 tons of yeast. Along this trajectory, in addition to changes and updates in agribusiness, our company has been constantly modernizing. New processes of culture, production and processing of our raw material, investment in people and technologies and the search for increasingly consistent and sustainable results. We are grateful to all employees who help us build this story of success, dedication and respect.