COVID-19 USL Ourinhos

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we adopted many actions to avoid contamination in our working places, protect our colaborators and their families and to continue operating in a safe manner. We created a comitee envolved in many areas of our company, like: working safety, human resources and work medicine. This group of professionals acompanies constantly the updates and orientations related to COVID-19, reavaliating the necessary actions and monitoring all cases in the company.

We have done already more than 100 initiatives to prevent and protect our stakeholders. Bellow are few of them.

* 70% Alcohol in all sectors of the company
* Mask requirement
* Growth in the colective transport, intensifying the distance between our colaborators.
* Orientation in homes of our colaborators that reside near the company’s areas.
* Constant sanitation of common use areas, like seats, floors, handrails and knobs
* Periodicaly deliver of 70% Alcohol and masks to all colaborators.
* Daily assistance to positive cases and their familiars
* Body temperature checking everyday
* Daily report regarding vaccination
* Transport provision to the health center for all employees.